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Read what our patients have to say about their experience at Advanced Oral Specialty Group and the Director, Dr. Alan Meltzer.


My first consultation at Dr. Meltzer's was in early 2012, it took me a while to decide, when and where, I will start recommended treatments, and at that time, I interviewed several other Dentists, merely to get other opinions. At search conclusion, it became a very easy decision I opted to undergo the remedial procedures by Dr. Meltzer's. Why? Simply because Dr. Meltzer's manifested most know-how, among all clinical professionals, I went to see at that time. I concluded that Dr. Meltzer's manner is absolutely unmatched, I was explained in great detail, about all that needs to be done and why, it all provided me utmost clarity and installed tremendous comfort, with that the formation of trust begun for me. I since have had several procedures done by Dr. Meltzer, which only reinforced my trust level. Friday, I had another lengthy procedure performed by Dr. Meltzer, five days later, with minimal discomfort, I can wholeheartedly affirm, that my decision to undergo the treatments her, was and remains, the proper choice. I also know now why, I trust this Doctor so much; because he does what he says he will do, and says what he does. With one more procedure left for me to endure, I can avow with great confidence, that I wouldn't even dare undergoing it elsewhere! For me there is only one trusted Dr. to do it, Dr. Meltzer's. Why? Because, I never trusted a clinical professional, like I trust Dr. Meltzer. I am absolutely convinced, that if you haven't visited Dr. Meltzer's offices yet? And once you do, you'll feel the same way. And if you are already one of Dr. Meltzer's patients, then in that case, you know exactly what I am talking about. The level of trust that developed here for me, succeeding multiple procedures, and based on Dr. Meltzer's exceptional expertise, unique demeanor, the ample time he allots to explain each treatment, and the time the Doctor allows for questions, before and after. Coupled with the time Dr. Meltzer assigns for each procedure, (just in case additional time may be required,) is simply brilliant, it's called: experience. With all that being my encouraging experiences, how could I not develop such resilient trust? Trust me, you will too, as this Doctor is one of a kind.

Fred Stern


Dr. Meltzer has been my periodontist since the early 90's. As far as I am concerned, he cannot be compared to another periodontist. He is so far more knowledgeable and caring than the rest and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while you are under his care. Imagine if you will, feeling relaxed while having oral surgery, whether you are having implants inserted or teeth removed. You put yourself totally in his hands and know you do not have to worry about a thing because whatever he finds going on in your mouth, he will handle and handle it well. He is that good! I moved to Bonita Springs, Florida four years ago. I tried using the local talent here once or twice but alas, none compared to Dr. Meltzer. I travel North for all my periodontal issues and will continue to do so in the future. All of the staff are top notch with very little turnover. As a note, let me add that both my husband and sister are under Meltzer's care and they are in full agreement with my comments.

Marsha Greer

I did not follow up for almost four years after Dr. Meltzer did an amazing job getting me healthy and completing 5 implants, then I call out of no where (on a weekend, no less) with an emergency and in serious pain!!

Dr. Meltzer answered the call at night and treated me like he had just seen me a few days earlier. He got me through the pain and somehow fit me in for emergency surgery early Monday morning.

My background in refrigeration makes me very sensitive (and often critical) to "good service"; Dr. Meltzer, along with every single one of his staff, are the kind of professionals you wish you could deal with in every aspect of your life.

Words cannot fully convey the amount of respect and gratitude that I have for this Gentleman and his staff.

I can just humbly say "Thank you" for what you do and how incredible and comfortable you make your patients feel!

Sonny DiCrecchio

My visit today was above satisfactory; it was perfect! Not only are scheduled appointments kept continuously punctually, if you happened to arrive earlier than scheduled, a courteous staff member will immediately accommodate you. Equally of importance are Dr. Meltzer’s remarkable bedside manners, fortitude and extraordinary clinical talent.

It is a true pleasure being treated by such a unique, knowledgeable team.

It is unfortunate that I squandered twenty years; while being treated by other Periodontists, none ever came close to Dr. Meltzer’s expertise, implementation, and utmost pleasing demeanor. This Doctor actually takes his time and methodically explains the procedure so profoundly. And, when the Dr. is done articulating, he asks: “Any questions?” I never saw anything like that before!

I truly respect and admire this Doctor and his diligent staff. I, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone needing suitable oral remedial work, even if you just need a second opinion: simply make an appointment, as this exceptional team truly knows what they are doing and certainly know how to make one feel extremely comfortable -- pre-procedure, during and afterwards!

I never, ever imagined I will one day enjoy going to a dentist office; honestly, habitually I have an aversion to dentist office visits. Nonetheless, this team somehow changed my viewpoint. I only wish I went to this office twenty years earlier… But, I guess better late than never.

This Doctor is the best I have ever been treated by, and trust me, I have been to too many before Dr. Meltzer was recommended by my Dentist. I now know, I found the one Dr. I trust, and I feel very comfortable with his recommendations. This Doctor not only knows precisely what he is doing; he has a profound passion to what he does, and that, for me, is of paramount importance. I cordially thank the Doctor and his exceptional team. So yes, my visit today and prior visits are always a true pleasure.

Fred Stern


This appointment was excellent as were all previous visits. Dr. Meltzer did not hurt me as, I knew he would not. Actually none of my procedures were painful. The staff was always very professional. I have other health issues and they were non issues because every one was so attentive and helpful. I only have praise for my experience with Dr. Meltzer and his staff. Thank you all.

Martina Devlin


Comprehensive Oral Exam with X-rays, pictures, CT and Consultation. As with all visits to the legendary Dr. Meltzer's office, there is a total experience of "state of the art" treatment and care. It starts with a sense of professional treatment by the nurses and dental assistants and caring personal attitude both before and after meeting with Dr. Meltzer. The total environment captures an attention to detail in everything from waiting room comfort and pleasant greetings to patient preparation and to the interesting artwork in every room. All together, it encapsulates everything that makes the "Meltzer" experience special in every way.

James Kamerdze


Dr. Meltzer is very welcoming and informative. He makes you very comfortable and will gladly answer any question. He makes sure you have the best quality work done. I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone. I am very scared of any type of dental work and he made me feel very comfortable. The Anesthesiologist Dr. Greenfeld was awesome too. He made me feel very comfortable with the best personality I've ever met in a person. He did an awesome job with the anesthesia and even called back to see how I was doing! Everyone here is amazing and I am so glad I got to go here!

Kristen M.


Always great care each visit. Stephany was outstanding and made sure my usual fear of gagging was under control while taking impressions and x-rays prior to an implant. She made me feel at ease and I was able to get thru the process better than expected. She deserves 10 stars for handling someone as difficult as I am in a dental chair. Dr. Meltzer's is first class and so are his people!

John M.


I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Meltzer's office today 4/11/16. Searching the web, I came across his site, & he offered the specific service I needed done!!!!!! I was nervous, & anxiety was at an all time high. From the registration process, X-rays, consultation, everything was perfect!!!! The dental tech, made me feel comfortable, and at ease. I had an emotional moment, and she was right there, her kind words made me feel a lot better. Dr. Meltzer, had soo much personality, he was very clear, precise, & an expert at his practice. I've never met a Dr. who spent that much time explaining, and kept asking if I had any questions. The procedure I need done is pricey, but I know this practice is where I would like to make this investment in, also thank you to the financial advisor, who also took the time to explain, and help with this process. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone who has doubts. Once again, to Dr. Meltzer, and staff thank you soo much for your time, patience, & help!!!!

Latrelle B.


I've been Dr. Meltzer's patient for 16 years and have never had a complaint. When I started with him, I had lost all three molars on my upper right and couldn't chew on my right side (I suspect it was due to malpractice by another periodontist but couldn't prove it and didn't pursue any legal action), my regular dentist told me that Dr. Meltzer was rated among the top ten periodontic oral surgeons in the world and top three in the USA. I believe that without a doubt and that reputation is well earned. My dental implants have been without problem for the 15 years I've had them and have never had a complaint about anything with his practice. I can't say enough good things about him!

Lyle P.


Oral surgery with implants and bone grafts are not fun but a pleasant and professional staff and surgeon make it as good an experience as it can possibly be. Dr. Meltzer has an amazing staff and he is so highly skilled in oral surgery and implants. No one compares! Dr. Meltzer is always pleasant, engaging and patiently explains every detail of how he will proceed with his plan of action so you can plan your schedule around it. He is passionate and confident about his work and you feel it, right away. Having so many crowns for so many years, more will likely fail in the not so far future and I will be running back for his expertise, once again!

Rose Marie B.


Due to a bad dentist during my childhood I get very nervous during dental visits. Dr. Meltzer prescribed a medication to relax me. The staff and Dr. Meltzer were very friendly and helped me relaxed throughout my dental implant. I am a nurse and I am aware of how surgical procedures should be done. Everything was topnotch. Dr. Meltzer is a highly skilled dentist and a nice guy too!

Anne N.


This past Wednesday afternoon, I had my "stage 2" appointment during which Dr. Meltzer personally assessed his handiwork, those two maxillary dental implants that had he installed on Yule, the Winter Solstice. Apart from the usual unparalleled professionalism and assiduous attention to detail, that Dr. Meltzer is, very much, a man of his word; he guarantees his work for life. Irrespective of how and why it had happened, when one of the titanium posts had fractured, a phenomenon that very rarely occurs, Dr. Meltzer, evidencing his usual selfless concern, focusing exclusively on my well being, redid the two implants!

Janice C.


Dr. Meltzer is not only the most amazing surgeon and implant specialist, his bedside manner is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my entire life (and I have had a lifetime of dental work. most of it major in nature). From day 1, he treated me like I would be expected to be treated by a family member, both as to concerns, treatment, questions, extra work he wound up doing after the initial temporary was made, and also making sure his staff treated me to the same standards as he did himself. When my husband came in with me for one of the initial visits, he was amazed. Never had he witnessed this preferential-style treatment by a doctor, either -- even though, as we had come to learn, Dr. Meltzer treats everyone as though they are a personal friend or family member. This highly skilled surgeon made me feel safe and secure being under his care, in every aspect. I cannot end the review without including some absolutely incredibly sweet and friendly workers. Michelle and Cass (my 5-star favorites*****) have spent inordinate amounts of time with me, whether assuring me, just chatting, or answering questions or concerns. I also want to mention Kerri, Aggie at the front desk and Nadine -- these girls are exceptional in every aspect. A new girl was there today, Laura (my last post-op visit), and she seemed as pleasant as the others I mentioned. If Dr. Meltzer were to ever ask me to speak with a potential patient considering his care, I would be honored to do so. Please don't look further -- Dr. Alan Meltzer is sterling in every way!

- Annie K.


I started dental implant procedure with another Dr. and he finally told me he couldn't help me any further, my situation was too complicated. He said I need to look for a Dr. who's done thousands of implants, even someone who lectures around the country and more. As luck would have it, my dentist recommended me to Dr. Meltzer, he'd referred another patient with complications to Dr. Meltzer, she'd done very well with him.When I read his credentials I was truly awed! He's done thousands of the procedures, lectures and teaches all over the world and sounds like the answer to my prayers. I'm almost done my process and I feel as if I've been working with the very best anyone could ask for!! I'm a very nervous patient, he calms me quickly as do his assistants. I've made many phone calls, always given patient reassurance or an immediate appt. if I'm worried. I travel from Pa. to NJ to see him, I'd travel across the country if I had to. When I'm all done, I'll submit a picture! His staff are also super wonderful people and highly trained

- W.


My dental hygienist, Debbie, provides an overall excellent dental cleaning experience. Her skills are excellent, and her personality is delightful--a winning combination! Dr. Meltzer and all the staff members I've met at his practice reflect both a professional and caring attitude that I greatly appreciate.

- Florence M.


My husband has been a patient for total upper implants. His is a difficult case and Dr Meltzer and his staff have been outstanding in working with us. They will work with you until you are totally satisfied. They have a great reputation and want you to have one too!

- Nancy N.


All of my visits have been comfortable, pleasant and very professional. It is clear that you and your staff take excellent care of your patients.On the 2/10/16, we were called to let us know that you were running late. That was very thoughtful and appreciated. I have nothing negative to say. Thank you!

- Martina D.


Wish I would have found you 12 years ago !! For the first time in many years, I am not afraid to have work done in my mouth....can't thank you all enough!!

- Pam C.


Praising & forever grateful to God He led me to Dr Meltzer! Very impressed how great, very professional & dependable Dr Meltzer is. He did an excellent job doing my dental implant procedure. Scary invasive procedure but he made me feel reassured & calm. And all the crew, there's many of them to remember, all of them are friendly, reassuring, skillful & knowledgeable. Thank you all for everything most especially for your gentleness & being so caring! It has a big therapeutic effect on me. I've been telling everyone how phenomenal all of you are! You are highly recommended! God bless & more success to your company!

- Perlita O.


The service I have received over the many years remains greater than superb.

- Judge Theodore Z. Davis


Never been treated so wonderfully at a dental visit before! Thank you for treating us as real people. Your genuine care and concern was felt and appreciated! Wonderful experience!

- Lisa N.


On 4th January, I had returned to Dr. Meltzer for my post operative visit during which he, and his helpful, kind and ever helpful staff assured me that all was healing, even exceeding expectations! As usual, I am both reassured and comforted that I am in the very best of the most capable hands. I could never even imagine going elsewhere for my implant dental needs!

- Janice


I just want to say that my recent experience with Dr. Meltzer and his staff was top notch. Dr. Meltzer takes the time to explain what he is proposing to do and why, lays out options and helps sum it all up by saying what he would do if it was his mouth we were dealing with. At the end of the day, he just makes you feel comfortable and confident. His staff is also extremely professional, thorough and friendly; taking the time to not only answer your questions but checking to make sure that you understood and were comfortable with the answer. Best of all they, my experiences in the office have all been at the scheduled time with no delays! I highly recommend Dr. Meltzer for you periodontal needs.

- Steve C.


Funny, here I am getting my second dental implant, my first implant was done in phases awaiting completion in two weeks and I ended up cracking a root in a different tooth. Call me a frequent flyer but today's visit my second implant was done all in one visit (tooth extraction, bone graft and titanium implant with temporary tooth). Consider me experienced but more importantly credible in my compliments to Dr. Meltzer and his staff. In all of my visits the staff is so genuinely friendly and I've had quite a few laughs with everyone. It was truly a pleasure, my expectations were fully met, and no pain or swelling through two separate implant procedures. I just may have to break another tooth to come back for a third implant. Haha! But you bet if I did, I'd have Dr. Meltzer do the procedure. Thank you so much for making my experience pleasant and comfortable! I am truly amazed and grateful!

- Nick A.


Dr. Meltzer and all of his staff are true professionals who seek to understand their patient needs, and then after careful and thorough examination make a recommendation(s). Always positive and ready to assist a patient. My experience with Dr. Meltzer and his staff is based on having my teeth replaced with implant dentures to correct a life long serious "over-bite" issue.... essentially all my upper and lower teeth required removal and replacement with implanted dentures....Now, one and a half years after the procedure, I am extremely pleased with Dr Meltzer's work and his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Meltzer and his staff.

- Michael 


My experience in the many years I have been a patient with Dr. Meltzer is one of the best dental experiences I have encountered. Dr. Meltzer has been an excellent physician with all of my dental concerns but is also knowledgeable and willing to share information about the procedure in a clear manner. He is patient, concerned about the individuals need for service and is always available for follow up questions. I especially appreciate the detailed manner in which he looks for and works to achieve perfection with services rendered.The entire staff has been cordial and concerned and well organized making me feel that there are no "small problems" but all concerns are important and will be worked out.Dr. Meltzer is energetic, kind,concerned and works expertly to achieve positive results. I recommend him highly.

- Edra C.

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