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Bone Augmentation

Bone Graft or Bone Augmentation can repair sites with less than adequate bone. This deficiency can be the result of previous extractions without proper site preservation, gum disease, trauma, or cyst or tumor removal.

The donor bone can frequently be supplied by a transplant center or tissue bank.

These sources eliminate the need for a second surgical site to gather donor bone. In some cases, your own bone is used. In these cases, a bone may be harvested from inside your mouth or another extra-oral source.


BMP is a protein that your body naturally produces to repair fractured or healing bone. Since the DNA code for this protein is known it can be produced and concentrated in a laboratory. The pharmaceutical manufacturer purifies the protein, freeze-dries the protein and it is then shipped to our office in powder form. This protein can be used for sinus grafting and repair of bone defects. Bone generally forms within six months. This new procedure eliminates the need for donor's bone. This genetically engineered bone can then be used is then used to support implants. Your personal preference, as well as your needs, will be discussed at your consultation.


When teeth are lost, the supporting bone ridge narrows producing a ridge of adequate height, but inadequate width. This problem can be solved using a minimally invasive surgery where a bone graft is positioned within the existing ridge. Within a few months, the ridge heals and implants can be placed in the new wide ridge. This as well as other techniques will be discussed at your consultation.

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