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Block Grafting

The alveolar bone will resorb (or shrink) both horizontally and vertically following any tooth loss or extraction. Without proper care, a person may be unable to receive a dental implant. 

A block graft procedure can help retain the original shape for future dental implants. Block grafting can provide adequate bone for augmentations involving multiple teeth, even when a person has been missing teeth for a long period of time.

The procedure’s name stems from the block of bone that is used to place in the surgical site. The bone may be harvested from where the third molars are or used to be (also known as wisdom teeth), the lower front teeth, or the chin. 

During a graft procedure, the gum tissue is lifted and a block of bone is placed in the area of the missing tooth to help retain the area maintain its original form. The block will need a few months to heal before an implant can be placed.

New Jersey Periodontist for Block Grafting

A block graft procedure can help ensure that you have adequate space for successful dental implants. Block grafting can help people who suffer from gum disease, defects, or other types of tooth loss. 

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