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Growth Factors

Periodontal defects such as gingival recession can lead to possible pain, bone deterioration, and eventual tooth loss. Plasma rich growth factors (PGRF) are used to accelerate a person’s natural healing abilities. 

PRGF techniques isolate the proteins that the body releases to repair injuries. The techniques are frequently used for bone regeneration in post-extraction sites and implants. 

Growth factors promote healing after a cleaning and filling of the space around a problematic tooth. Because a PRGF is formed from a patient’s own blood, there are no concerns about diseases being transmitted.

Voorhees Township, New Jersey Periodontist Discusses Growth Factors

The PRGF technique can be of enormous benefit to patients in need of bone regeneration, and the procedure can even be generated while a patient is undergoing dental implants. Growth factors will either need to be mixed with the patient’s own bone or a bone substitute material. 

If you have questions about whether growth factors could be right for your tooth issue, contact the Advanced Oral Specialty Group right away. Dr. Alan Meltzer has over three decades of experience performing complex implant procedures. You can make an appointment as soon as you call (856) 772-9444.

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