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When a person lacks the necessary bone structure to place a dental implant, then a bone graft may be necessary. Unlike the human bone used in autografts and allografts, a xenograft uses bone material from another species. The prefix “xeno-” actually means foreign. 

In most cases, that species is of bovine (cow) origin. The advantage of this procedure as compared to allografts or autografts is that it is possible to extract larger amounts of the graft material than is normally possible with samples of human origin. 

Xenografts are a common solution when human tissue may be unavailable. The specific microstructure of xenograft bone graft material is often ideal for bone growth purposes relating to periodontics.

Periodontist for Xenograft in Voorhees, NJ

While there are frequent concerns about using bone material from another species, xenograft materials are widely accepted and have been used for several years. A xenograft has the ability to treat multiple teeth to treat moderate to severe bone loss. 

While bovine samples are most common, a xenograft may also use a graft obtained from equine (horse) or coral-derived granules. If you want to know whether a xenograft procedure is right for you, contact the Advanced Oral Specialty Group today. 

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