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Site Preservation

Following any tooth extraction, the socket and the surrounding bone beings to degenerate. Socket site preservation helps avoid unnecessary bone and gum defects as well as complex and costly future surgical procedures. 

Site preservation involves placing a bone graft (xenograft plus collagen) into the socket to preserve as much of the supporting jawbone as possible for future use such as the placement of a dental implant. Without this site preservation graft, the jaw can shrink following the removal of a tooth. 

It is critical for the jaw bone to be preserved in order for the socket to retain its original shape. Without site preservation, a person will experience a dramatic loss in bone volume (height as well as width).

New Jersey Site Preservation Periodontist

Whether you are having a tooth extracted because of tooth decay, gum disease, or some other traumatic injury, you should strongly consider discussing site preservation options with your specialist before any extraction procedure. Dr. Alan Meltzer of the Advanced Oral Specialty Group performs site preservation procedures for patients throughout Camden County as well as other parts of New Jersey and the Delaware Valley. 

Dr. Alan Meltzer has more than three decades of experience and has performed over 15,000 implant procedures. Dentistry Today magazine has named him one of the Top 100 international leaders in dentistry. 

If you need to have a tooth extracted, it is in your best interest to take the steps during your procedure that can help you avoid the serious consequences of failure to preserve the gum and bone. Call (856) 772-9444 today to make an appointment and discuss your site preservation options.

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