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Permanent Teeth

Anybody who is missing their teeth—whether it is all of their lower or upper teeth or both—can benefit tremendously from a full arch of implant supported permanent teeth. As opposed to dentures that must be taken out to be cleaned on a nightly basis and do not look or feel natural, implants can permanently restore the look and feel of natural teeth. 

Implants can be an attractive option for people who have loose dentures, have lost teeth, or will need teeth extracted. Patients experience improved abilities to chew and speak with permanent teeth in addition to knowing that the procedures have preserved the natural contours of their faces and jawbones. Implants not only improve appearance and function, but they restore confidence. 

Dr. Alan Meltzer may be able to place permanent teeth for you with only one procedure at one location. In most cases,  permanent teeth supported by dental implants last a lifetime. Our office not only performs these procedures but we provide continued on-site maintenance to ensure the longevity of your smile.

Permanent Teeth Periodontist in Cherry Hill South Jersey 

Permanent full arch implants function just like regular teeth, helping people regain an immeasurable level of confidence and giving them even more reasons to smile with confidence. Whether you have lost teeth because of gum disease or another type of trauma, the Advanced Oral Specialty Group can work with you to develop a plan to find a permanent oral care solution. 

You should strongly consider permanent teeth if you experience discomfort with your dentures, you are missing teeth, or you currently have badly decayed teeth which might not be able to be saved. This approach is a viable alternative to dentures. 

Dr. Meltzer has performed over 15,000 implant procedures during his more than three decades of experience. To learn more about your options for dental implants in South Jersey, call (856) 772-9444 right now to take the first step in developing your own permanent teeth plan.

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