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Dental Implant Complications

At the Advanced Oral Specialty Group, we believe in the quality of our work and the degree to which dental implants can improve our patients' lives. Significant progress has been made in recent decades in the number of people who will never again have to worry about temporary bridges or dentures. This progress, however, means that many people have been living with their dental implants for quite some time; over this amount of time, many people with implants have encountered complications with their new teeth.

Whether these complications were caused by inexperienced dentists improperly treating the implants or simply by the standard biological wear-and-tear normal to which even normal teeth are exposed, anyone with implant complications will need to take action to ensure good oral health and a long life for the implant. Dr. Meltzer and the experienced staff at the Advanced Oral Specialty Group can utilize our expertise to take care of any complications that may have arisen in your implants since you had them placed.

Types of Problems with Dental Implants

When it comes to problems with dental implants, there are a few main types of issues to be aware of, which our periodontal experts can recognize, diagnose, and treat for you. Even with complicating issues and varying degrees of severity present in the issues, you can trust our team to help you with the following categories of dental implant complications:

  • Problems (cosmetic or functional) with the implant itself;
  • Bone problems around the implant grafting site; or
  • Complications present in the gums around the implant

If you're experiencing any issues with your dental implants and are looking for an experienced, board certified periodontal specialist to diagnose and treat you, contact Dr. Meltzer at the Advanced Oral Specialty Group at (856) 772-9444 or request an appointment online today. Our team is ready to help, and we look forward to helping you get your periodontal health back on track.

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