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Minimally Invasive Sinus Lift

When there is a less than adequate amount of bone below the sinus to permit the placement of a dental implant, Dr. Alan Meltzer frequently is able to perform a less invasive sinus lift using a procedure formerly known as the osteotome technique or Summers technique. Newer instrumentation used by Dr Alan Meltzer allows this surgery to be completed in a minimally invasive way by combining our on-site 3-D scanner with these new instruments improving patient outcomes while reducing time in the office. 

Unlike a direct lateral sinus lift, the osteotome lift indirectly elevates the sinus through a small hole which is then used to simultaneously place the dental implant.  This approach eliminates the necessity of a second surgery to place the implant. 

While this minimally invasive technique has many benefits, not everybody is a candidate for this type of sinus lift because of the bone height limitations. Because of his more than three decades of experience, Dr. Alan Meltzer has a profound understanding of the most effective and beneficial sinus lifts for each and every patient.

South Jersey Periodontist for Minimally Invasive Sinus Lift

Osteotome techniques are considered to be safe and effective procedures for sinus augmentation, but it needs to be properly diagnosed and performed in order to avoid possible complications. The osteotome technique sometimes allows implants to be placed into the bone without the use of a drill.                                                                                                                       

Dr. Meltzer has performed over 15,000 implant procedures, and the Advanced Oral Specialty Group serves patients all over New Jersey and beyond. Call (856) 772-9444 right now to learn whether a minimally invasive sinus lift could be right for you.

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