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Window Lift

A lateral window sinus lift may have to be performed when there is not enough bone to place dental implants. The window lift will have to be performed when there is a very limited amount of residual bone present. 

During this procedure, Dr. Alan Meltzer will create a small window exposing your sinus. Using special instruments as well as a surgical microscope when necessary, the membrane is gently separated from the bone, Dr. Meltzer adds bone graft material to this space under the membrane. 

The gums and access window are then sealed. It typically takes four to twelve months for the sinus graft to mature. Window lifts may be necessary in cases of poor bone quantity and quality.

Window Lift Periodontist in Cherry Hill, NJ

Do not let your sinuses prevent you from receiving successful dental implants. The Advanced Oral Specialty Group regularly performs lateral window sinus lift surgeries. 

Dr. Meltzer is a board certified periodontist with more than 30 years of experience in performing sinus grafts to permit proper safe and effective dental implant placement. He has performed over 15,000 implant procedures, and you can learn what he can do for you as soon as you call (856) 772-9444 today.

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