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New Smile Today

New Jersey Dentist providing a new brighter smile today! 

We can create your New Smile in one day at our one location. We provide full treatment in one day for replacement of a single tooth or an entire mouth.

  • All-inclusive treatment is provided at one location by a board certified specialist.
  • Our office has an on-site dental laboratory technician.
  • A board certified anesthesiologist provides intravenous sedation on-site.
  • Any necessary ongoing maintenance is performed for our patients on-site by our dedicated staff.
  • Our one convenient location means no back-and-forth logistical hassle during your care.
  • If you have a referring dentist you would like to continue working with, we are able to incorporate them into our team.
  • Long-term financing available with approved credit.

We look forward to working with you and/or your dentist to achieve beautiful outcomes through customized treatment.

If you are in need of dental implants, the New Smile Today procedure could be an option for you. Whether you need immediate dental implants for a single tooth or multiple teeth, contact New Smile Today periodontist Dr. Alan Meltzer to learn more about how to restore your smile with immediate dental implants.

Dr. Meltzer has presented his new approach around the world, including before the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. He has done computer-guided dentistry for more than 20 years, and he is one of the first dental surgeons in the greater Philadelphia area to utilize this exciting new approach.

Call (856) 772-9444 or send us an email to schedule an appointment concerning instant dental implants with an experienced and skilled periodontist today. Dr. Meltzer and his staff work with patients from cities and places all over the world.

What is New Smile Today?

The New Smile Today procedure is one that involves inserting an implant or several implants and attaching non-removable “permanent” teeth to the implants on the same day. At a future visit, the crown or bridge is replaced by a more durable final prosthesis to maximize aesthetics and function.

This procedure typically lasts about between an hour and three hours, depending on the number of teeth and condition of bone and gum tissue. The New Smile Today procedure is used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full set of teeth. In some cases, it can be performed without scalpels and stitches and without requiring any flap reflection. This is a benefit to the patient because of the reduction in post-operative discomfort, swelling and bruising.

This technology was developed by Dr. Meltzer and other professionals in conjunction with several implant companies. It allows for collaboration between both the restorative doctor and the surgeon. He has been involved in the development and design of this new protocol, as well as the alpha and beta testing phases. 


The process starts when a CT scan is taken in our office of the patient’s jawbone. This CT scan allows for the generation of a 3-D model of the jawbone, which can then be used in software to plan implant placement without the presence of the patient.

Once the case plan is completed, the digital file is sent to a guide manufacturer. The surgical guide manufacturer then forwards a case specific surgical plan and surgical guide to Dr. Meltzer. Both the plan and guide are sent to the laboratory and used to create a master cast. Restorative implant components are selected and the teeth are fabricated before the patient’s surgical date.

Before the patient’s surgical date, Dr. Meltzer reviews all of the material to ensure it is accurate and appropriate for the patient's procedure. Next, the minimally invasive surgical kit is prepared and the surgical guide is placed in the patient's mouth.

Dr. Meltzer prepares the site or sites with the case-specific surgical plan and surgical guide for implant placement using a special navigational surgical instrument set when necessary. The implants are mounted and the surgical guide is removed. Finally, the new teeth are placed, and the patient has a completely new smile in place when they leave the office.

New Smile Today on a Single Tooth or Multiple Teeth

Using our single- or multiple-tooth New Smile Today protocol, we can remove your hopeless tooth or teeth and replace with a temporary crown or a non-removable set of teeth in one visit.

The process begins with an examination and an on-site 3-D X-ray (cone beam CAT scan). Following the gathering of the diagnostic data, Dr. Meltzer will provide you with his findings and recommended approach based on your unique set of circumstances.

You are never without a permanent tooth from start to finish.

Occlusal Loading and Non-Occlusal Loading 

The crowns for the New Smile Today procedure can be added using two different techniques: occlusal loading and non-occlusal loading. These new technologies allow for the immediate placement of an implant at the time of tooth extraction, as well as the immediate placement of a non-removable tooth, bridge or full set of teeth at the same visit.

If an implant is added using the occlusal loading protocol, the immediately placed teeth are in contact with the opposing teeth. However, if non-occlusal loading is used, the crown is placed at the time of implant placement, but it is kept out of contact with the opposing teeth.

The welfare of the patient is the main concern at Advanced Oral Specialty Group. Dr. Meltzer does not sacrifice long-term predictability to save time, cost and visits. Through extensive experience with tooth replacement therapies, he and his staff provide the ability to deliver dental rehabilitations that last over time.

Periodontist for immediate dental placement in the South Jersey surrounding area

If you are in need of dental implants, contact Advanced Oral Specialty Group to learn if New Smile Today is an option for you. Dr. Meltzer can provide you with a healthy and sturdy smile during one visit. His technique and dedication to the best results have generated various awards nationally and internationally. Call (856) 772-9444 or send us an email to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Meltzer is currently seeing patients at his practice, Advanced Oral Specialty Group in Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Lindenwold, Camden, New Jersey and other surrounding cities. 

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