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The All on Four™ Fixed Bridge - Four Dental Implants

The All On Four™ Fixed Bridge is an affordable solution for patients that want to replace all their teeth and rid themselves of the negative effects of wearing a denture by replacing it with fixed teeth. For many patients wearing dentures and those who need dentures to replace a terminal, failing dentition, implants became impossible due to their high cost. Now utilizing the All On Four™ bridge concept, patients are able to get out of their denture or avoid a denture and have immediate, non-removable, permanent teeth. In the past 6-10 implants were needed to supply enough support for an implant bridge. However, newer technology which has been popularized by clinics such as the Malo Clinic and Clear Choice has become popular. These are truly not new technologies but technologies that have been commercialized by these new institutions.

Dr. Meltzer has helped pioneer a technique which in the past was called DIEM™, which allows for the replacement of a full arch of teeth with as few as four to six implants. This technology is based on the fact that if some implants are placed at a 45-degree angle and joined with a full set of teeth, as few as four implants can support a full arch of teeth. This 45-degree approach allows us to be able to anchor a fixed bridge with as few as four to 6 implants and avoid (in many cases) sinus and bone grafting. The use of a reduced number of implants can save patients many thousands of dollars. Furthermore, a bridge can be immediately attached to these implants so instead of waiting months to heal, you’re fixed bridge can be placed and finished immediately; making it one of the best, most affordable and long-lasting options for the replacement of your missing teeth. With the All on Four™ bridge concept, many more patients will now have the option to quickly replace all their teeth while saving a great deal of money.  

Once again, it is extremely important that the patient does the necessary research and find a team that is well experienced and versed in this technology. Many non-specialists have taken a short training course and now consider themselves experts in the All on Four™ approach. Let the buyer beware. Do your research and search out a team which is extremely experienced in this approach.

All On 4 Fixed Bridge Dentist in South Jersey

Please feel free to contact our office to determine whether you are a candidate for the All On Four™ approach or another New Smile Today approach. We will design a blueprint for your new smile by the best and safest approach. You deserve the experience of our Board Certified implant team. We are not general dentists who place dental implants. You deserve a Board Certified dental specialist like our team at Advanced Oral Specialty Group.

Dr. Alan Meltzer and his skilled team have helped all scores of patients create a smile that they are proud to show. Brighten your smile today with our all on 4 dental implant procedure and see your confidence come back instantly. 

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