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Teeth in One Hour ™

Teeth in One Hour™ is an excellent solution for people who have no teeth or are wearing a denture in the upper and or lower jaw. In the past patients would need multiple surgeries over the course of many months to obtain what can now be completed in approximately one hour. Simply stated this process involves the use of our in-office CT scan with special software to plan your implant placement and fabricate a bridge before the surgery is even performed. This is a computer guided dental implant surgery; it is accurate, safe and allows for our patients to leave the office with a fixed immediate restoration. The Teeth In One Hour™ process can sometimes be applied. 

Teeth in One Hour™ Dentist in Voorhees Township, New Jersey

Utilizing our in-office 3-D scanning equipment. A scan is made of your jaw in 3 dimensions. Using specialized software programs, implants are virtually placed in the computer and superimposed over your scan. Everything is planned out in advance; once the planning is complete, a highly aesthetic non-removable bridge is fabricated. This is all done prior to your surgery. In some cases, this technology can even be used without the need for an incision and suturing. For your surgical appointment our highly skilled team consisting of Dr. Meltzer, his Registered Dental Assistants, a laboratory technician, and, when necessary, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort is assembled. Following the creation of a detailed plan in software, a precise CadCam surgical guide is fabricated. This guide will be used during your surgery to precisely place the implants in their pre-designed position. Because of this precise planning, implants fit precisely with a high degree of stability into the prepared site. Because of this high stability of each implant it is feasible to place a non-removable bridge directly on the implants. In conclusion, this process gives you immediate function of your dental implants, less pain, a shorter post-operative recovery period, and a highly aesthetic and functional result.

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