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Laser Periodontics

Periodontal Laser Treatment in South Jersey

General Statement
While there is much hype and improper use of lasers in periodontics, they do have their place. Limited research has demonstrated that lasers improve the effectiveness of non-surgical scaling and root planning. Thus, if used properly, it may reduce the need for surgical therapy in some cases. Proper case selection is critical.

What are the benefits of using lasers?
When lasers are used properly, there is less bleeding, less swelling and discomfort.

Can lasers harm patients?
Yes! Choosing the wrong laser, using the wrong wavelength and/or the wrong power level can irreversibly damage the periodontal tissues.

Can you trust the claims that are seen in ads for laser periodontics?
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Many general dentists are using lasers to treat periodontal disease. My first suggestion is to use a periodontist (hopefully Board-certified) to treat your periodontal disease. Periodontists have three years of extra specialty training. Let us help you separate fact from hype and help you select the best treatment for your specific needs.

Will insurance cover the cost of laser periodontics?
Insurance companies reimburse by the procedure performed rather than the device used to perform the procedure. Therefore, regardless of the device selected to perform the procedure, the compensation is the same. The selection of a Board-certified specialist is your best assurance of maximizing your result and minimizing your risk.

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