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Arestin: Localized Delivery Of Antibiotics

Antibiotic Therapy in South Jersey

Arestin is a type of antibiotic, minocycline, that is placed within infected periodontal pockets.It is used in conjunction with deep cleaning to help reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the infection.
Arestin is composed of microspheres. These microspheres resemble ultra-fine, bead-like particles that are much smaller than grains of sand. Each of the microspheres is filled with antibiotic (minocycline), The spheres are designed to slowly release the drug into the infected gum pocket, killing bacteria that live there. This localized antibiotic delivery system continues to fight the infection for up to 21 days. Localized delivery delivers high doses of antibiotic where it is needed, and greatly reduces (virtually eliminates) exposure to the antibiotic in areas where it is not required

Tetracycline and Other Systemic Antibiotics

Continued periodontal maintenance in combination with good home care helps us keep your mouth as free as possible of active disease. Occasionally, some episodes of breakdown are seen in a few of our higher risk patients.
Our hygiene staff and I will closely monitor your disease status. If recurrent areas of early active disease are noted, then we may institute a specific antibiotic program. The use of antibiotics, in combination with a comprehensive cleaning, has proven to be an effective means of treating these rare episodes of recurrent disease.

The necessity for this interceptive treatment is evaluated on a case by case basis.

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