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Voorhees Deep Cleaning

Non-Surgical Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)

The initial stage of treatment involves non-surgical periodontal debridement. This involves the removal of biofilm (soft plaque) and calculus (tartar) from above and below the gumline and into any deep pockets (bony defects) that may be present.

This initial phase of treatment will likely involve multiple appointments and is typically performed under local anesthetic for comfort.

Depending on the severity of the case, local chemotherapeutic agents and antimicrobial rinses (Chlorhexidine) may be incorporated into treatment.

In more severe cases a course of oral antibiotics may be used in conjunction with your deep cleaning visits.

Laser treatment may also become part of initial conservative periodontal therapy.

This is the first step to reaching periodontal health and stability. Call the Advanced Oral Specialty Group today at (856) 772-9444 to schedule an appointment for deep cleaning in Camden County, NJ, or anywhere in the tristate area.

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