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Gum Grafting

A person’s teeth can appear longer when their gum tissue recedes. Gum graft surgery not only corrects the appearance of this defect, but the procedure also prevents additional recession and tooth loss. 

Excess recession of the gums is an indication of bone loss around a tooth or teeth. Gum recession can result in root sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Gum grafts can cover exposed roots or replace tissue that has deteriorated. 

During gum graft surgery, Dr. Alan Meltzer will take a thin piece of gum tissue from your palate (the roof of your mouth) and place it over the exposed root. In addition to improving the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, this procedure also protects roots from further decay and most importantly limits further loss of tooth support through erosion of your gum tissue and underlying bone.

Gum Grafting Periodontist in Cherry Hill, NJ

Gum grafting to cover exposed roots and limit further loss of gum tissue and bone structure may be performed under local anesthetic or IV sedation depending on the patient’s needs. 

Gum recession is not a matter to consider only for the sake of one’s appearance. When a person’s gums recede too far, it sacrifices his or her initial defense against bacteria which may lead to future oral health issues. 

Dr. Meltzer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology who has performed thousands of gum grafting, and bone grafting as well as dental implant procedures. You can schedule your appointment with the Advanced Oral Specialty Group as soon as you call (856) 772-9444.

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