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The eye teeth (or canines) erupt into the mouth between the ages of 11 and 12. Sometimes they erupt in the wrong position or do not come at all. In conjunction with your orthodontist, we need to help them erupt into the mouth. If the tooth is left alone, it will not erupt normally and could damage the roots of the adjacent teeth or move them out of position. The unerupted or impacted tooth may also lead to the formation of a cyst in your jaw.

Other teeth in the mouth, but less commonly, could have the same problem.

Exposure of Impacted Teeth Procedure

To expose impacted teeth, anesthetic is placed in the tissues around them. The gum is pushed back exposing the tooth. The gum must be carefully positioned (periodontal plastic surgery) to ensure an esthetic outcome once the tooth is moved into its final position. Occasionally some of the bone surrounding the crown of the tooth is also removed.

Once the tooth is exposed, your orthodontist will move it into position with the help of a bracket and a chain that will be bonded to the impacted tooth the day of the procedure.

Tooth Exposure

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