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Wisdom Teeth Removal

A person’s third molars are more commonly known as wisdom teeth. Nine out of every 10 people suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, meaning the molars push sideways or do not fully emerge because they are blocked by other teeth. 

If left uncorrected, wisdom teeth can affect the neighboring teeth. Gums may become infected and/or inflamed. The periodontal support of adjacent teeth may become compromised. Patients may not only suffer misaligned teeth, but also physical discomfort. 

If healthy wisdom teeth grow in completely and are able to be properly maintained, removal is not always necessary. For a majority of people though, it is critical to have the third molars regularly checked and removed as soon as possible to avoid any possible gum disease or other oral consequences.

Periodontist for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Voorhees, NJ

Dr. Alan Meltzer has more than 30 years of experience with tooth extraction procedures to correct periodontal issues as well as to prepare sites for implant placement. The Advanced Oral Specialty Group provides an on-site  board certified anesthesiologist when necessary to help alleviate pain and allow patients to rest comfortably eliminating anxiety during wisdom teeth removal surgery as well as any other procedures provided by Dr. Alan Meltzer. 

 Failure to remove impacted wisdom teeth can result in bacteria from food particles becoming lodged in areas of tissue that are inaccessible by brushing and flossing, possibly leading to gum disease involving the wisdom tooth and possibly adjacent teeth. 

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Dr. Meltzer is internationally renowned for his knowledge and abilities. You can set up an appointment to have him evaluate the condition of your wisdom teeth as soon as you call (856) 772-9444.

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