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Oral Sedation (Anxiolysis)

This is also a mild form of sedation. The objective is to control anxiety. This approach is called anxiolysis. This form of sedation (oral sedation) involves the administration of a small pill or two prior to the procedure. This technique also involves the administration of a local anesthetic to control pain. Many patients compare this approach to having a few drinks. Some patients doze while others have reduced memory of the procedure. The most common medications used are Valium or Halcion.

The advantages of oral sedation include:

  • Easy to administer - the patient swallows a small pill
  • Safe and easy to monitor
  • Works well for most people
  • Low cost

The disadvantages of oral sedation include:

  • The level of sedation is not easily changed
  • The patient must be driven to and from the office
  • There is little pain relief; pain relief is administered in the form of a local anesthetic (Novocain)

Oral Sedation Dentist in New Jersey

At Advanced Oral Specialty Group, when proceeding with oral sedation you will receive a prescription that you take prior to arriving at your dental appointment. This type of medication can safely create a sense of calm and relaxation, making this ideal for patients who suffer from dental phobia, anxiety or overactive gag reflex.  

Dr. Alan Meltzer is a board certified periodontist in Voorhees, Cherry Hill and surrounding South Jersey areas. He has performed thousands of dental procedures and lectures around the globe. To learn more about Dr. Meltzer, or to schedule an appointment call the office at (856) 772-9444

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